We Help Companies Comply with Recording Regulations Around the World and Avoid Regulation Fines

Analysts believe that a significant portion of the market is noncompliant with existing regulations. In the UK for example compliance may stand at only around 50%. Over the last six months Gartner has observed a noticeable growth in client inquiries around mobile voice recording (fourfold increase in questions).

Global Compliance Regulation Resources


The U.S.A…


Requires all financial institutions to record all client interactions, including mobile, and store for up to 5 years.

Financial Conduct Authority (UK)

Requires Banks, Financial Commodity firms, Investment managers, and stockbrokers,  to record communications and store them for 6 months.

Dodd Frank Act

All communications relating to  trade information must be recorded completely and accurately, including telephone, voicemail, instant messaging, chats, email, mobile, etc and stored for 5 years.

Securities Exchange Act

SEC Rule 17a-4: Books and records requirements for Brokers, Dealers, and certain Exchange members.


Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Non-profit that regulates and oversees financial conduct and compliance.





Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. Regulates marketplace interactions and requires records kept.


Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Obliges market participants to comply with recording regulations.

MAS (Singapore)

Monetary Authority of Singapore. Requires monetary transactions to be recorded and stored in English.

J-SOX (Japan)

Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. Requires financial institutions to record and store records and communications.