Integrate our apps into your sales portfolios

Benefits & Advantages for Telcos

  • Easy to sell by the Telco salesforce
  • Easy to understand for the end user
  • Directly related to Telco core business: voice and data
  • High margin, high EBIT (better than EBITDA)
  • No CAPEX for Telco or End User
  • Nothing to install, full cloud access
  • Immediate Time to Market
  • Full Service  (Support, help desk, security, legal advice, etc.)
  • Facilitate a roadmap to keep selling added services on top
  • Increase ARPU and customer satisfaction in the new digital business era

Integrations & Technology

  • All users will benefit from Defined Service Levels and Telco Carrier Grade infrastructure
  • Integrates with existing Telco infrastructure such as HPE OCMP or Ericsson VXML
  • Our powerful API integrates with existing Provisioning Systems
  • Integrates with Cloud Service Brokerage Vendors such as AppDirect, Odin, NEC, Jamcracker or Maestrano
  • Documents are encrypted using AES256 
  • Secure protocols such as IPSEC and HTTPS or using VPNs and SDNs
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  •  99.99% resilience computing

RECORDIA for Telecom Providers