Many verticals, particularly those involving some level of advisory function or legal liability, like healthcare and legal, also face increasing recording needs. Every market data points to a substantial opportunity, particularly to be exploited by Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

Financial Institutions

Comply with the law by keeping record of all agreements and advice provided to your customers. Assess your agents knowledge and ability to cross sell financial instruments.


Protect your company from legal complaints derived from data protection laws. Monitor quality of your call center.

News & Media

Keep your content handy for editorial and journalistic work, protect from third party complaints. The automatic transcription option, available in different languages, allows you to convert a conversation to high quality text, which can then be shared in part or in full with coworkers and colleagues.


Ensure accuracy on your sales order taking and management processes, while at the same time improving your personnel training. Take your best selling calls and use them as best practice and training materials for all your salesforce.


Ensure and efficiently document your customer´s calls and interactions. Transcript voice into text automatically generating minutes of meetings. Plus you can use the system´s control capabilities (call duration, time, etc.) for customer billing purposes.

Telecoms & Energy

Legally record calls and use them as proof of contract. Assess your call center efficiency.

Travel & Tourism

Check reservations requests and ensure your sales teams offer customers additional services (cross-selling), such as car rentals, hotels, flights, shows, or restaurant reservations.