Cloud Worldwide Services is the home of Recordia

Our vision it to disrupt customer interactions leveraging the cloud


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Based in Madrid Spain, with offices in Barcelona, Milan, and New York, Cloud Worldwide Services (CWS) is a leading provider of enterprise level cloud platforms for international corporations and SMBs. Our range of cloud applications have been designed to help companies become more efficient, compliant, and cost effective.


Cloud Worldwide Services´ leaders have been in the IT industry for over 20 years with extensive experience in high tech consulting services, complex IT architectures, voice and data networking, video management and analytics, situation management center and web intelligence solutions.

Looking for an easier and more cost efficient way to fax? Want to keep fax when moving to telephony IP? We provide an intuitive, scalable, centralized fax solution that is entirely cloud based, allowing companies to effortlessly send and receive faxes via email to anyone, from any device or location with internet access.

FxSigner automates the process of digitally signing, allowing you to legally sign and validate your documents in just one click. Via the cloud you are able to securely sign, send, receive, store, and modify invoices with guaranteed delivery. We are fully integrated with FACe.