5 things to look out for when choosing a secure voice and data recording solution

by Aisling Moriarty May 21, 2020
5 things to look out for when choosing a secure voice and data recording solution

Most companies have been recording phone calls for years, mostly for quality control, and just like any other data, voice recordings must be securely retained for compliance purposes. Because of this, data security and privacy has become the most important factor when choosing the right voice and data recording system. What does Security in voice and data recording really mean? We have compiled a list of 5 things to look out for when choosing a secure voice and data recording solution.

5 things to look out for when choosing a secure voice and data recording solution

1. Compliance with regulations

Data and privacy regulations have been increasing over the last number of years and have also become more stringent and deeper in their scope. Therefore, when choosing a call recording solution, you need to ensure the call recording solution complies with regulations such as MiFID II, CCPA, GDPR, the Dodd Frank and PCI DSS etc. This is undoubtedly the most important factor to lookout for when choosing a provider. Ensuring that the solution complies with all of these regulations is the first step to securing your transaction and customer data etc.

2. Ensure security in storage and transport.

Ensuring that all data and voice recordings are recorded and archived securely should be one of the top priorities when looking for a provider. MiFID II for example, makes it very clear in its requirements that you securely record and securely store all interactions using high encryption standard available like AES 256. Encryption protects your business and clients in terms of compliance as well as phishing or hacking which is becoming an increasingly more common threat to businesses.

Call recording platforms like Recordia use sophisticated encryption and security protocols to protect this data including HTTPS, TLS, AES256, HSM, Hash, and Rotating Key Mgmt. Done properly cloud compliance recording can be made far more secure and provide levels of data redundancy that are unavailable with any premise based approach.

3. Scalability

It is also important to consider a solution that is easy to scale. That is why cloud solutions are becoming the most popular over on premises. Why is this? Simply put, cloud recording solutions offer the highest standard of encryption and secure storage available while also offering the possibility to increase or decrease usage at any given time without any upfront costs or installing any hardware or new software.

4. Speech Analytics

Finding a solution with an easy to use interface where you can quickly find your recorded calls or communications in a timely manner. Solutions which have artificial intelligence features such as word spotting offer this possibility.

The requirements of these regulations for businesses to increase the volume of interactions and calls recorded as well as the amount of time required to store them, not only puts pressure on them cost wise but also the sheer volume and amount of data to organise can be quite complicated. However, choosing a solution that offers a speech and data analytics feature that organizes and processes the data in an efficient and cos effective manner is key.

Besides this, speech analysis offers numerous benefits, for example, you can search for the frequency of commonly used phrases by your staff and clients. By doing this, you will be able to gain real-time insight into changes into the markets, customer feelings or wants, staff performance and then make changes accordingly.

5. A solution that can record mobile phones

For most organizations recording fixed lines is not a problem as you can implement solutions easily in the office. However as mobile phones are increasingly being used within businesses and must be recorded. Finding a solution that can both record landlines and mobile phones while securely recording the phone call can be quite difficult boat it is an essential factor when considering a provider or a call recording solution. Not only most phone calls be security accorded you also must ensure that they are securely stored and that they are encrypted during transition stop.

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