Benefits of Speech Analytics

by Jose Luis Perez February 03, 2021
Benefits of Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics Solution

Speech Analytics in its beginnings was the process of analyzing the recorded audio of phone calls to detect trends and patterns in interactions with customers.

With the advancement of Speech Analytics technology to this day it works for the analysis of conversations, not only audios, but also emails, video calls, faxes, social networks, chats, among other unstructured data that are generated in interactions with customers.

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Speech Analytics can be used as an add-on technology to your call recording solution, helping you take full advantage of customer interactions through audio recordings. Discover valuable business information for making business decisions based on real data.

Speech Analytics Tool

Use our Speech Analytics solution to automate your ability to listen and analyze daily interactions, regardless of the number of calls processed, which would be impossible to review one by one, to find and define which are the weak points or the business opportunities both by the client as well as the call center agent.

With the information obtained through Speech Analytics you can promote the growth of the organization, the improvement of business processes and the customer experience, as well as increasing the profitability of the company. They will also be able to reduce repeat calls, reduce call volume with product or process improvements that are repeated frequently during conversations with customers.

Our Speech Analytics software also provides data-rich insights to improve sales, increase KPI conversion, and provide targeted advice to call center agents to improve performance and mean time to handle.

Benefits of Speech Analytics for Companies

Reduce customer service response times

Today’s businesses have many more options to address customer issues in a timely and in some cases proactive manner. For example, thanks to the information provided by Speech Analytics, it can be detected if there is an incident with the product that is repeated with a high frequency in Call Center calls, in this way it is possible to correct or advance necessary information to customers to troubleshoot a problem that will help reduce customer service response times.

The power of this approach is that speech analytics is good enough to recognize not only that a customer is complaining, but specifically what they are complaining about. For large companies with multiple product or service offerings, this is critical because it can allow for personalized offers that are carefully tailored to customer situations. When that happens, customers feel like they are heard and understood, and that’s one of the best ways to increase brand loyalty.

Boost customer acquisition and retention

Attracting and retaining customers is vital to growing your business, but losing them during a phone conversation can happen quickly. Any tool that can potentially prevent this from happening is invaluable, and Speech Analytics must be central to this mission. For example, some insurance companies are using Speech Analytics to detect when customer interest is waning during sales calls. The goal is to allow insurance salespeople to quickly spot any warning signs and respond appropriately, increasing sales ratios and improving customer service.

The benefits of Speech Analytics technology are too important to ignore. Get started with your research today. Prepare your company to enter this exciting new era of customer service and prepare to enjoy the rewards that will accompany it in the future.

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