Call Recording

92% of customer interactions are through phone calls. Recordia has a wide range of integrations with different telephony and unified communications systems in order to be able to record the audio of those calls.

Whether you are a telephony carrier, a communications systems reseller or an advanced contact center manager (Call center), our solution enables you to comply in with legislation and regulatory framework, improving quality, or simply increasing sales.


Our system was written from the beginning to use all the power and security of cloud systems. It scales unlimitedly in different regions and it does it disruptively.


Recordia has a wide range of active telephone integrations with first-line providers such as Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, Unify, Oracle, Dialogic, among others.


Have all the intelligence of your calls through the use of audio and analytics. We provide the audio of your calls so that you can analyze and improve your business by obtaining insights.


Available in various altered areas of the world, we provide the highest standards of security and data sovereignty, only achievable in government and defense environments. Available to record both encrypted calls and the widest variety of codecs.


A single system, multiple locations. Add different centers with different recording systems and maintain a unified interface to search calls from your worldwide network of call centers or telephone infrastructure.

Recordia integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to incorporate the interactions that have been made with customers in your CRM. Without using or consuming the storage capacity of your CRM.

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