Call recording for Legal practice

Protect your practice and clients with a secure and robust call recording system

Law firms are increasingly looking for reliable and secure call recording solutions. As technology evolves and becomes more readily available, small and medium sized law firms are seeing recording solutions as valuable tools. Sophisticated call recording solutions off many benefits and security measures required in the legal sector.

Recordia has been designed with the security and protection of sensitive information as a top priority. Recordia is one of the most advanced call recording systems available, using the highest level of security protocols and encryption available and is compliant with many international laws and regulations such as CCPA, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, among others.

After recording calls can be easily accessed later or mark to be listened to by senior staff or lawyer. Transcription feature are available and notes can be attached and easily retrieved for internal use or evidence If you have missed something or you need to review a call with a client you can easily find these conversations via keywords and filter options.

If you need a more accurate way to track billable hours during a phone call caller ID.

Lawyers who need a more accurate way to track their billable hours during a phone call will like the fact that many call loggers display the duration of the call. Caller ID and dialed numbers are also retained on the internal database, providing an easy way to group and calculate calls made to and from a client.

Track billable hours accurately and to the minute. Call logs display duration of the call, caller ID and dialled numbers, ensuring an easy manner to group and calculate calls made to and from a client.

No hardware, software or apps downloads of any kind needed.

Record depositions and store video or audio of face to face depositions, transcribe, re-listen and add note at any time.

Record multiple platforms from landline and cell phones, web conferences, email, SMS, Fax, and even face-to-face meetings.

Protect your firm and Clients from any disputes by keeping record of all interactions in one easy to use interface.

Speech and Data Analytics transcribe and analyze, tag and easily retrieve all calls and interactions.

Recordia helps companies ensure they don’t miss important information when talking to customers, avoid complaints, and support employee development. Call recording can offer numerous benefits to law firms.

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