Now you can have in your Dynamics CRM the recordings of the different interactions that you carry out with customers. Through the Recordia solution, which integrates seamlessly with Dynamics CRM (Online and On-Premises). With Recordia you will have the recording of the interactions carried out with the clients, which they can recover to reproduce, analyze, or exploit.

Among the advantages of using Recordia for recording Interactions in your Dynamics CRM is that it has everything on a single platform and does not require or consume storage, since recordings are made and processed from Recordia’s cloud servers. Thus lightening your CRM of large data loads.

Call recording features in Dynamics CRM

– Listen to any sales conversation

We never again wonder why a particular sales call generated new business or not. Recordia captures 100% of sales call recordings in Dynamics CRM, giving you full visibility into every conversation.

– A powerful calling training tool

Many of the world’s most successful sales organizations use call recordings for representative training. With Recordia, you can annotate call recordings with practical feedback. You can also set up a template to collect sales calls that help reps learn from revenue-generating calls.

– Recordia simplifies legal compliance with call recording

Call recording laws vary from country to country, and Recordia allows central management of your team’s calls to help you stay compliant with existing regulations like MiFID II and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

– The best call recording tool for Dynamics CRM

Call recordings sync effortlessly with Dynamics CRM, automatically saving recordings against call logs. Just click a button and Recordia will capture 100% of inbound and outbound sales calls in your Dynamics CRM.

– The world’s most flexible voice recording solution for sales teams

Recordia’s Call Recording Tool can be configured to work with any phone system, including your desk phone, cell phone, or Smart Dialer for Dynamics CRM. No matter what devices your sales team uses, Recordia ensures that all calls are logged in Dynamics CRM.

– Automatically transcribe all sales calls

Would you rather read the transcripts of calls than listen to them? No problem! Recordia provides complete transcripts of all calls directly into Dynamics CRM, offering another way to gain visibility into every conversation your sales reps have with potential customers.

Recordia integrates with Dynamics CRM to incorporate the interactions that have been made with customers in your CRM. Without using or consuming the storage capacity of your CRM.

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