Call Recording Software

by Jose Luis Perez November 10, 2020
Call Recording Software

Call Recording Software Features and Compatibility

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  • Call history, search and playback.
  • Coaching and quality control tools.
  • Detailed reports of call recordings and interactions.
  • Detailed quality control reports.
  • Automatic backup and automatic archiving.
  • Access the recording from anywhere through the web browser.
  • Call transcription (Audio to Text).
  • Speech Analytics by channels.
  • Call recording for HIPPA and PCI DSS compliance.
  • Search for calls by keywords, transcripts and any other captured data.
  • Analog, digital, VoIP, ISDN, T1, PRI, radio (analog and ROIP) or VoIP recording.
  • Access and permission policy for categorized recordings.
  • Supports multiple PBXs.
  • BIB, SIPREC, CSTA and other recording integrations.
  • Compatible with VMware if you record VoIP.
  • Redundant server configuration.
  • Screen, SMS, email, face-to-face, and fax recording capabilities.
  • Speech analytics capability.
  • And much more…

6 Reasons why you should use call recording software

Among the most mentioned reasons why use a software for recording calls in your company, either for your Call Center or sales representatives team:

1. It is a tool that helps agents and sales representatives

Agents and sales representatives of the company can take advantage of call recordings to review the details of the conversation, so they can take notes, plan meetings, place orders and contracts, improving business processes and facilitating day-to-day work.

2. Training and Personalized Coaching

Using call recording software, you can proactively identify training opportunities for agents and sales representatives teams. Each person has different strengths and opportunities. Recordia, with Artificial Intelligence, identifies exactly what each agent or sales representative should do to improve their performance and close more deals.

3. All interactions in one place

Recordia call recording software captures, encrypts and archives all calls and other interactions such as emails, SMS, faxes, videoconferences, face-to-face, among others. All interactions with a customer can be accessed to accurately analyze details about an order or contract, or to comply with regulations on the protection of personal data such as RGPD.

4. Market perspectives and analysis

What do customers say? Why do customers go to the competition? How are they reacting to the new prices, messages, or feature launches? The answer is in the conversations. Recordia uses Artificial Intelligence to convert the recordings of your calls into valuable actionable information to improve business processes, adjust products or services and find new market opportunities.

5. Access to the entire company

All the interactions captured by Recordia can be shared with secure accessibility policies with all the people interested in a commercial process of a specific client. For example, the marketing department to learn information to promote advertising campaigns, the Product department to know the perceptions about the advantages they have of the products, the finance department to clarify details for orders, contracts or payments. In this way, the entire company works efficiently with the customer at the center of the business processes, improving the customer experience.

6. Quick onboarding of employees

Reduce the learning curve by using Recordia call recording software for new employees, with the use of real calls to identify the best practices and how to solve business processes you will achieve a more efficient training of new employees, as well as improve the retention rate of your agents or sales representatives team.

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