Enhance your CRM with an interaction recording capability

Make all your recorded interactions – whether they are voice calls, text messages, IM, conference calls, emails, or any other – available inside of your CRM system.

Key challenges?

CRM system represents the core platform for most companies as it centralizes and manages data. And in today’s world, data is everything!

As with any growth – whether we talk about business or company growth – dealing with complexity in a right way is crucial. All the Fortune # companies had a starting point. As these companies grew to become enterprises we know today and some of the largest companies in the world they had to endure all the challenges and roadblocks that came their way. Managing people the right way, managing customers the right way; and let’s not forget, managing operations and data in the right way.

Management ‘in the right way’ is the key to success.

Many times it’s easier said than done though. As companies embark on this great ‘growth’ journey (but full of challenges), they start dealing with more unstructured, de-centralized data and CRM comes to be a great solution for this as its great value is seen in the fact that it centralizes many operations inside a company and the data these departments work with (whether we speak of sales, marketing, logistics, operations & standardization, and others).

Another aspect of this is the mobility aspect. People are becoming highly mobile and ‘on the go’ using different platforms and devices to communicate so the challenge becomes – again – to find ways to centralize all those different systems and platforms. Moreover, as the ‘time’ becomes the most valuable asset, people are looking for ways to centralize, automate, and use AI-like features to turn ‘data’ into a valuable ‘information’ with a click of a button.

Last but not least, the amount of information exchanged is second to note. Salesforce’s own research has shown that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone [we should reference this]. This amounts to a large volume of data that is either unstructured or, even more importantly, not archived accurately nor in accordance with the security standards and regulation. Furthermore, things like apparent abuses and data breaches, the lack of audit trail-like implications, and so forth give no visibility to who is accessing the data which puts a severe question mark on security and ways data is protected. This is still one of the leading challenges businesses face.

How may Recordia help with this?

Data is everything and to measure is to know. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Create a Data-driven environment and philosophy in your company.

At Recordia we specialize in solving data- and security-related problems companies may face in today’s digital DNAge. In other words, our philosophy is to look at the data your company may – for whatever reason – ignore (ie. phone calls and other types of interactions), centralize them in a highly secure but still user-intuitive environment and offer a possibility of leveraging those highly valuable data inside a CRM system.

Regardless of the type of interaction/recording, the data is mapped and consolidated through a central system making it easy and convenient for the entire company. This way a sales person may access any conversations he/she had with their clients and extract the most important parts of the conversation in no time gaining a competitive advantage over any other stakeholder or a competitor as AI facilitates the digital transformation of ‘data’ into valuable world of ‘knowledge/information’.

Recordia has been born-in-cloud (BIC) and is a native cloud solution that offers the all so important flexibility in terms of deployment, scalability, and usage. 90% of all the interactions/data most companies ignore, we capture and analyze. With an easy deployment, possibility to scale at any given time, and leverage existing CRM system, Recordia not only provides benefits of analyzing data most of us by default ignore but also integrates and tags all of those recordings based on existing parameters, rules, and engines company may already work with. In this way there is no need to start from scratch. Instead companies may enhance their existing policies and workflows to create an ecosystem that is truly centralized and easy to manage. Sales people will no longer have to spend countless hours manually inputting the data into their CRM as all the heavy lifting and work load happens in the back end. Ultimately, the only thing left for those users is to access, view, analyze, and make a business decision on what next step should be.

Recordia integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to incorporate the interactions that have been made with customers in your CRM. Without using or consuming the storage capacity of your CRM.

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