Government and Public Sector

Ensure all interactions are securely recorded and stored with military grade encryption

There has been an increasing need in the public sector for affordable yet robust and secure call recording solutions. Due to new regulations and the possibility of litigation, government agencies are under immense pressure to ensure all communications are compliant and they are expected to increase efforts, with deceased budgets.

Recordia has been developed with all this in mind. We provide an easy to use yet powerful recording system that meets the recording needs of government agencies enabling them to streamline business process and deliver public services. Built with military grade encryption, Recordia can easily integrate a secure and reliable call recording solution with your environment.

  • Record landline and cell phones, as well as email, SMS, fax. Etc.
  • NO hardware or software installation.
  • Increase Sales and Improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Respond effectively to constituents’ inquiries.
  • Run Custom Reports and Improve operational efficiency.
  • Protect non-public information and ensure security compliance.
  • Easy Retrieval of Call Recordings and Data for verification.
  • Archive Recordings for Virtually Unlimited Storage.
  • Easy Retrieval of Call Recordings and Data.
  • Ensured secrecy of recorded data.
  • Apply Speech and Data Analytics.

Recordia records with the highest security standards for sending data to cloud servers, safeguards the data according to the needs of each client and is processed with security mechanisms that allow fingerprints to identify alterations in any recording, guaranteeing the originality and traceability of the files.

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