How to Use Speech Analytics

by Jose Luis Perez February 16, 2021
How to Use Speech Analytics

Companies that do not consider implementing solutions like Speech Analytics will lose valuable benefits and cost savings. Businesses improve quality control and regulatory compliance with the use of Speech Analytics. Knowing how to use Speech Analytics offers benefits to clients, employees and companies.

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Speech Analytics Solutions

For good quality management it is necessary to use Speech Analytics solutions, it is the smart way to analyze 100% of interactions that companies have with customers including: calls, emails, faxes, video calls, SMS, among others.

Automating the process of analyzing interactions with Speech Analytics increases the speed and accuracy of data on business processes. Providing objective, specific and timely information to make the best decisions based on data. It can also reduce risks associated with fraud or regulatory compliance.

A Speech Analytics Solution allows you to generate a return on your own investment.

Why use Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics offers all the benefits of a survey without requiring customers to take any action. With the implementation of a Speech Analytics solution, all voice and text capture channels can be analyzed in real time, becoming an effective way of listening to what customers are saying.

From a regulatory compliance perspective, Speech Analytics is the best way to demonstrate company compliance. Calls can be analyzed with sensitive regulatory information in order to define improvements in legal and commercial processes.

In addition to specifically training those agents or employees who do not meet expectations within the industry.

With Speech Analytics, you can document regulatory compliance and provide evidence (in audio format) in future legal proceedings, helping companies avoid being fined and sanctioned.

How Speech Analytics works

Speech Analytics transforms unstructured conversations with customers into structured data and insights that can be shared across the enterprise. With Speech Analytics software you can measure and quantify the impact of your actions and business processes. These solutions extract business information from omnichannel interactions about customer interactions and identify areas that require specialized training to improve employee performance, not just Call Center agents.

With Speech Analytics you can identify problems quickly and efficiently, preventing small problems from getting worse and reducing the number of problems recorded.

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