Mobile Call Recording

It is a fact that the ability to record remote trade forces as well as employees telecommuting with their mobile phones is becoming increasingly necessary. Furthermore, many organizations have decided to simplify their infrastructures by providing mobile phones.

We are already recording thousands of mobile terminals. The reason being that most regulators require to record “all relevant conversations”.


Recordia has the largest recording network in the world, allowing you to enjoy mobile recording without having to change operators*.


If you want to use BYOD (Bring your own device), Recordia allows you to enjoy mobile numbering in different countries.


Bring together and organize all your worldwide recording needs with the leader in cloud recording systems.


In addition to allowing any operator to record, you can decide whether to do it using the App Recordia available on the AppStore and Google Play or you can decide to do it without installing anything on your phone (Network Based).

*For our partners, telcos and service providers we have the possibility of network recording.


Deliver your recordings to specific CRMs to get insights on mobile call usage and agent performance. Get the metrics that matter such as “real” average number of calls per agent, calls to get a sale an much more without agents needing to open CRM or create those task in the system. Recordia does that automatically.


To comply with regulations, our mobile recording solution does not store any recording in the mobile device.


Recordia Mobile Recording Service provides high quality audio ready to be used by your AI system or you may use our AI tools to get insight from conversations. With automatic and complete dual/stereo sound, the quality for transcription and analyzing is best world class.


Apply our AI layer and access recordings by searching using keywords.


  • Remote Workforces / Remote Call Centers. Whether you have remote agents located in a single country or several, our service allows the capture and recording of all phone calls, without intervention or operation by the user.
  • Service Providers. Provide a new way of income by selling mobile call recording service, both using our data centers and using your own network. Contact us for more information.
  • Mobile Network Operators. Using your own network or our worldwide mobile network you may offer the recording and registration service to your customers.

CRM Integrators and metrics

Add the power of automatic mobile call registration or call recording to your CRM and get important machine data such as dials per day, conversations per day, average outbound call duration, outbound call volume vs goals, contact center attempts per account and more!

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