Omnichannel recording: The importance of a single information repository

by Aisling Moriarty June 04, 2020
Omnichannel recording: The importance of a single information repository

In today’s ever-changing environment, businesses need to adapt to the needs and wants of their customers. Companies are now expected to discover and use innovative technologies and methods to get involved and interact with their customers. In fact, a recent report by Forrester found that 63% of US adults  agree with the statement:

 “I would like to be able to change customer service between channels and without having to repeat my situation every time”.

Customers are not using just landline phones to interact with customer service, so why are some businesses just recording landlines? Recording technology can’t just focus on recording landlines which is why omnichannel recording has increased significantly in the last number of years. Businesses have to be able to record almost any interaction and hold them within one single repository.

Why are businesses using Omnichannel recording?

In an effort to create a more positive and seamless experience and to retain customer loyalty, businesses and contact centers are rapidly investing in omnichannel solutions to reach their customers in their preferred channels, e.g. email, social networks, applications, messaging services, etc.

Omnichannel means having a seamless and unified experience across all channels for customers or prospects. Omnichannel recording isn’t just a technology, it’s the experience that a customer has with your brand across various platforms and channels at every step of their journey. In this post we’re going to discuss omnichannel recording and the importance of a single information repository for your business.

Advantages of omnichannel recording in a single repository platform

1. Comprehensive compliance

Using Omnichannel recording and a single repository platform can help you reach the demands of regulators and standards keeps your customers and your organization safe whilst minimizing organizational risk by applying best practices and compliance standards on all channels. IF you have one solution that records everything, you only need to worry about one solution complying, making the complex process of compliance quite simple. By using a cloud solution you future proof your compliance as they can be updated and adapted to any changes in regulations. There has been an increase in regulations over the last few years, e.g. CCPA, many other states are currently looking into their own versions of CCPA so you can protect yourself and ensure compliance by using an omnichannel recorder.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Using an omnichannel interaction recorder with a single platform enables a company to be flexible and easily adapt to any operational changes. Using a cloud pay-per-use solution offers a company the ability to increase or decrease usage at any time. Therefore, during busy periods where you have more agents you can temporarily increase the usage whilst ensuring that you adhere to compliance regulations etc.

3. Scale data processing

With an estimated 80% of the of data recorded being unstructured, this puts huge strain on a company’s resources. For some that receive thousands of calls or emails everyday this creates huge amounts of data that is impossible to process, analyze understand or classify manually. There is too much data to process. Ensuring you use a solution that can automatically process large amounts of data in an efficient and cost-effective manner, is not easy to come by, but they do exist. With Recordia, for example, you can get value from all unstructured information, performing automatic labeling and definition of feelings of all recorded calls, and from these actions, start a workflow for the development of activities and follow-up on each call.

4. Gain customer insights

Storing all customer interactions in a single information repository system offers you the capability to gain insights from large amounts of data. IF it comes with some automatic processing and classification, you can easily gain insights into customer feelings, trends, needs and wants that can be used in many areas of the business such as sales, marketing, customer service training and R&D.

5. Traceability

Finding a solution that offers full traceability and auditing trails is essential. That is one of the benefits of using a single repository platform. You can capture, record and store all interactions and associated metadata, ensuring that you can trace every interaction whether you record 100 customer interaction a day or 10,000. Our Recordia interaction cloud recorder after capturing and recording interactions, immediately encrypts them using sophisticated algorithms, always travel through secured links and are protected against unauthorized access through digital signature and hashes.

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