PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is a standard of good practice developed by the main credit and debit card companies as a guide to help companies that process this type of card in order to avoid fraud.

Basically, it is made up of 12 requirements for compliance

Develop a secure network

  • This can be done by installing firewalls.
  • Avoid the default passwords used in the installed systems or software.

Protect cardholder data

  • Protect stored data
  • Encrypt the data both at rest and on the fly

Manage vulnerabilities

  • Use and update antivirus
  • Maintain safe systems (updates) and safe applications.

Solid access control measures

  • Restrict access to data
  • Use unique indicators per person
  • Restrict physical access to data

Monitor and test networks

  • Track and monitor access to the data network
  • Test security systems regularly

Maintain an Information Security policy

  • Maintain an information security policy

Recordia enables PCI compliance through the use of advanced security systems used in Government and Defense environments. We attach great importance to Safety. If you want to know more about how Recordia incorporates PCI-DSS you can download the following document: Recordia with PCI-DSS.

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