PCI DSS Compliance in Call Recording

by Jose Luis Perez October 28, 2020
PCI DSS Compliance in Call Recording

Protect your customers, comply with the security standards of payment cards.

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Privacy and regulatory compliance is an issue that concerns companies and their customers. In our digital age, maintaining privacy has become even more complex. The risk can come from a variety of sources, from an employee gaining access to customer data to a third-party hacker. Regardless of where the threat comes from, you face the challenging task of protecting your customers and complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The Recordia platform helps you do both.

Protect your customers

The payment card industry developed PCI DSS requirements to help ensure the secure handling of confidential information and protect customers from identity theft. To ensure compliance with PCI DSS call recording, the Recordia platform provides the following:

  • Security certificates: Protect your clients in the safest and most efficient way, with a solution certified by the ENS (National Security Scheme).
  • Privacy control: Advanced profile-based management, multi-factor authentication, industry standard CHAP authentication, and single sign-on.
  • Multi-level security design: Creation of access control zones segregated by firewall.
  • End-to-end multimedia encryption: Where data is encrypted at the point of capture and remains encrypted for its entire useful life.
  • Proven experience in the field: With more than 300,000 calls recorded daily, Recordia has the experience necessary to successfully meet your recording requirements.

Automated privacy control

Part of PCI DSS compliance is not storing certain confidential customer data. Leaving nothing to human error or opportunity, automatic pause and resume recording is possible thanks to our integration with the most popular CRMs on the market such as Salesforce and Dynamics.

Advanced warranty and flexible media retention

PCI DSS requires solutions with built-in mechanisms to prevent and detect violations. With dedicated dashboards and policy management workflows, the Recordia call recording solution and its Business Rules functionality allow users to streamline their compliance activities and take quick action against potential violations.

Learn more about how you can be PCI DSS compliant with Recordia call recording solution.

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