Speech Analytics Software for Call Center

by Jose Luis Perez January 28, 2021
Speech Analytics Software for Call Center

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech Analytics Software was initially available around 2002. Since then, its popularity has grown exponentially. Today, the level of precision of these systems, as well as the speed to customer intelligence they offer, have made Speech Analytics software essential for Call Centers. Speech Analytics is a tool to improve business efficiency, agent performance, regulatory compliance, sales, and the customer experience.

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Speech Analytics and Call Center

With the need for business data analytics, Speech Analytics has grown to encompass more than just phone conversations. The Speech Analytics Software can analyze conversations by phone, email, text, web chat, and social media, among many other sources of data. Speech Analytics for Call Center software transcribes 100% of conversations and converts them into structured data, which Call Centers can use to obtain valuable information on what customers feel or think, as well as on the efficiency of business processes and customer service for companies.

Call Center Analytics Software

Speech Analytics is one of the fastest growing areas in the call center technology market, and for good reason. Right now, the recorded phone conversation is probably the number one most underused resource companies have for studying customer experience and using what they learn to improve customer loyalty. With Speech Analytics software, you can focus on your top business concerns, find out what the top customer concerns are, what’s annoying them, what’s causing them to leave, and do something about it, making the best decisions based on data.

In an extremely competitive world, the future does not necessarily belong to the companies that scream the loudest, but perhaps to those that can really listen and analyze their customers, learning and improving business processes to provide exceptional service. Speech Analytics technology for Call Centers is the most mature of the analytical applications used in Call Centers. You are helping companies see the value that Call Centers bring to the entire organization. The companies that have implemented processes that allow them to make changes and make decisions thanks to the results of Speech Analytics in a timely manner are obtaining great benefits in their business results.

Benefits of Speech Analytics Contact Centers

  • Improve the Customer Experience
  • Cost Savings
  • Revenue Enhancement – Identify Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Improvement in Operations
  • Promoting Customer Loyalty & Retention
  • Identify Compliance & Risk Issues

KPIs That Can Be Improved Using Speech Analytics Data

  • Average Handle Time
  • Check and Mend Service Level
  • First-Call Resolution
  • Contact Quality
  • Script Compliance or Improvement
  • Reduced Repeat Calls
  • Effective Training Program
  • Seamless Customer Journey

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