Speech to Text Analytics Tool, the Recordia’s Speech Analytics

by Jose Luis Perez November 05, 2020
Speech to Text Analytics Tool

Discover customer insights, improve Call Center performance, and make the best business decisions by analyzing voice-to-text interactions with Recordia and its Speech to Text Analytics Tool.

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It classifies and analyzes transcribed audio in the same way that a person would listen to a call or an audio recording. Recordia’s Speech Analytics is a highly scalable solution that classifies and analyzes calls to identify typology, customer intent, agent performance, and legal compliance risks.

The manual effort required to analyze voice recordings is extremely complicated, almost impossible. It takes a lot of time and the costs are prohibitive.

Calls to call centers and companies are an important source of information about customer interactions. Storing recorded audio is not the most efficient way to take advantage of business intelligence from customer conversations, you need to analyze them with audio-to-text tools automatically in order to get business insights. Manually categorizing and analyzing each call is a humanly impossible task. Recordia’s speech-to-text analysis (Speech Analytics) automates the monitoring and analysis of all calls in semi-real time.

Anticipate customer needs by analyzing calls

Improved customer experience

Reduces overall customer waiting times by optimizing average handling time. Because customers will be happy with your service, you will increase the retention rate crosswise and reduce churn.

Our software provides vital information to optimize your customer experience including the interruption rate, that is the times when the agent and customer are talking simultaneously, and periods of silence. These metrics provide information about customer dissatisfaction moments.

Agent performance evaluation

With our tool, you can easily create custom dashboards for agents to check on their performance. These dashboards measure aspects such as absenteeism, policy compliance, average attention time, and overall quality of service.

With this system, your company can consolidate all the performance reports for a simple and fast global analysis.

Greater call center efficiency

This system allows you to automate customer call evaluations, saving valuable time, energy, and resources, while improving productivity and efficiency. With key insights on call center metrics, you can improve average response times and first call resolution rates while reducing operational costs.

In addition to greater efficiency, with Recordia’s Speech Analytics tool you can discover training opportunities to improve the skills of your agents.

The best tool for call center managers

Call center and quality control managers trust Recordia and its Speech Analytics to make better data-driven decisions, validated through interactions with customers. Maximize each customer’s interaction to:

Improve agent performance

  • Identify training opportunities for agents.
  • Improve sales / increase retention.
  • Reduce average call handling time.
  • Increase the resolution of the first contact.

Quality Assurance / Compliance

  • Identification of new problems / early detection.
  • Automate call monitoring.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Improve risk management.

Identification of the root cause

  • Call controller analysis.
  • Decision support for change management.
  • Monitor the performance of the campaign.
  • Quickly conduct research and analysis.

Improved customer experience

  • Transform the voice of the customer / employee.
  • ID Drivers of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Perform sentiment and satisfaction analysis.
  • Re-attract dissatisfied customers.

Features you can use from Recordia’s Audio to Text Analysis

  • Analyze conversations to identify silent periods, wait times, IVR messages, DTMF tones, and cross talk between agent and customer.
  • Analyze 100% of customer calls for sales or service and telephone surveys.
  • Machine learning reduces the demand for manual QA resources.
  • Classify data for easy storage in business intelligence (BI) solutions and CRM systems.
  • Stay one step ahead of regulatory compliance requirements with alerts and indicator It is an early warning of possible infractions.

Learn more about our Recordia Speech Analytics tool, to be able to analyze the calls from your Call Center or Company.

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