The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

What is CCPA enacted California’s Consumer Privacy Act?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a statewide privacy law that regulates how businesses around the world can handle the personal information of California residents.

According to CCPA, Californians now have a right (amongst other) to:

  • Know what personal information is being collected about them;
  • Know whether their personal information is sold or disclosed to other 3rd parties (and if so, to whom);
  • Say ‘no’ to the sale of their personal information;
  • Access their personal information;
  • Request deletion of their personal information.

How Recordia may help with CCPA?

As organizations increasingly look to record calls for compliance, training and quality assurance, or any other reasons, two things are certain. It’s all about ‘Data’ and ‘Security’.

At Recordia we specialize in solving problems and challenges businesses face around data and security; especially when compliance is at stake. Making sure businesses put data and its security at the pinnacle of significance is key as these two represent the two most important part of CCPA; that’s in connection to how data is collected, managed, and properly secured and encrypted.

Recordia has a capability to capture literally any landline, SMS, mobile call, IM, email, fax, video conference or any other). In order to facilitate data consolidation, all the recording are provided through a centralized data capture system so all the different interactions and recorded end points are sourced inside the same platform.

All the recordings are end-to-end encrypted using advanced encryption techniques and methods and stored in accordance with the highest security standards making sure the security of data is at its highest.

The CCPA considers personal information any type of information related to a consumer. From the name, the mail or postal address, the passport number or the IP address to the commercial, biometric, geolocation information, etc. It only excludes from this definition public information provided by the government.

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