10 benefits of cloud-based call recording for businesses

by Jose Luis Perez July 21, 2020
10 benefits of cloud-based call recording for businesses

Whether you are managing a startup or an enterprise, the amount of daily calls can often be overwhelming. Because real-time interactions are generally difficult to plan and control, misunderstandings are not uncommon – and, if not handled correctly, they can have a negative effect on your company’s overall performance. Today, we will discover the benefits of cloud-based call recording for improving internal and external communications.

Communication is key to understanding your clients and providing an excellent customer service. With an integrated, cloud-based call recording software such as Recordia, you will be able to record and store all your interactions with important clients and prospects, ensuring the correct transmission of information between them.

But this is not the only benefit of cloud-based recording:

1. Reaping the benefits of cloud-based call recording: Compliance with security regulations

During the last years, there has been an increasing concern regarding the importance of cyber security and the need for implementing certain standards and practices. Regulations such as the MiFID II Directive, under which all entities in the finance sector are obligated to record interactions with clients, can result in huge penalties if not followed. Implementing a cloud-based call recording software such as Recordia makes your company fully compliant with security regulations, and reduces the risk for suffering costly penalties for non-compliance.

2. Call recording helps you improve customer service

By monitoring real-time interactions between employees and clients, you will be able to detect and improve weaknesses in your customer service. Once your calls have been recorded and safely stored on the cloud, you can use them to level up your team’s communication skills, and become better at providing excellent support for your customers.

3. Resolution of disputes as a result from miscommunication

Call recording is a great way to resolve disputes and clear out ambiguous information. Considering that the majority of lawsuits brought against companies result from miscommunication or false claims made over the phone, having a solid record to clarify misconceptions is essential for providing an additional layer of protection to your company.

4. Capture forgotten details by reproducing the conversation

No matter how actively we listen to the other side, there will always be little, but important details that are forgotten immediately once the call is over. Cloud-based call recording not only gives you the possibility to go back and reproduce the conversation, but also to access essential information from anywhere – as long as you have a stable Internet connection, and a desktop or mobile device.

5. Receive instant feedback from your customers

Professional call recording helps you capture valuable feedback from your customers, improving the overall performance of your services. Take into account that recording calls and other interactions is legal, as long as all participants in the conversation are aware that it is being recorded.

Once you have ensured the correct implementation of all security practices, you can use the content of your recorded calls to evaluate the feedback received from your customers. Whether they liked your service, or called you to complain, your company has the incredible opportunity to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and work towards improving them.

6. Avoid confusion and distortion of information

Have you ever played the game Broken Telephone? If you did, you already know how easily information can be distorted when it passes from one person to another. This is exactly what happens in real life – no matter how focused we are during a conversation, mistakes are surprisingly common. Cloud-based recording ensures that important information is captured correctly, and there is little to no risk of error.

Additionally, being able to reproduce conversations eliminates the need to call your customers for clearing out misunderstood information, a common practice that looks rather unprofessional.

7. Catch up quickly on the latest interactions 

In a dynamic environment where information has to reach a lot of people, recorded calls are extremely helpful to keep you updated on the latest interactions without depending on anyone. Instead of having to ask your colleagues about conversations that you couldn’t join, solutions like Recordia allow you to easily access and reproduce calls at any time of the day.

Whether you are coming back from a holiday and need to catch up, or you are welcoming a new Sales intern with no previous experience, information is always there for you – on the cloud.

8. Analyze the evolution of your customer service

Among the benefits of cloud-based call recording is the possibility to easily track down and analyze the stages of your customer service evolution. Conversation history provides you with valuable information on how you used to communicate with your customers, and whether you have reached the desired level of excellence (or there is still a lot of room for improvement).

9. Quality control is among the greatest benefits of cloud-based call recording

Call recording makes your employees more conscious about their performance during a conversation – after all, being professional and respectful with your clients is key to providing high-level customer support. The awareness that interactions are being recorded makes employees more careful with their choice of words, reducing risk for possible disputes.

10. Access traceability in compliance with the GDPR

Advanced cloud-based call recording solutions such as Recordia have a logging and auditing system that allows operators to know who accessed recorded calls, what device was used, and at what moment. This functionality provides full access traceability in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations that enter into force in May 2018.

The numerous benefits of cloud-based call recording make it the perfect solution to monitor your business performance and improve your customer service in an inexpensive way. If you want to reap all of these benefits, Recordia is the right solution for your business – an advanced cloud-based software that records interactions in a safe environment, complying with all the necessary security regulations.

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