Speech Analytics Software

Lower Costs and Improve CX

Transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover customer insights and improve contact center performance in the cloud.

Speech Analytics Software

Lower Costs and Improve CX.

Speech Analytics can transcribe and analyze 100% of your recorded calls to help surface valuable intelligence.

The solution automatically discovers and analyzes words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

With Speech Analytics, you can:

  • Enhance contact center performance with insights to reduce agent handle time and repeat calls.
  • Discover customer insights regarding satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence and marketing campaigns.
  • Reduce churn by discovering root cause and predicting at-risk customers via your contact center recordings.
  • Improve your quality monitoring by reviewing large samples and specific call types.
  • Provide targeted coaching to your agents by analyzing their relative performance.

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    Call Transcript

    The solution transcribes conversations with your customers in digital format.


    It is capable of searching information among millions of calls. Get search results in a matter of minutes.

    Customer Insights

    Discover customer opinions thanks to the tool’s suggestions.

    Monitor and Improve Your Most Critical Call Center KPIs

    There’s a treasure trove of insights hidden in every single call that takes place in a call center. Contact center AI enables you to extract those insights from 100% of your calls and monitor a wide breadth of interactions and KPIs in four areas of the modern contact center

    Operational Efficiency

    Monitor productivity and business drivers like Average Handle Time (AHT), First Response Time (FRT), and blockage.

    Agent Effectiveness

    Learn how agents are performing on KPIs like First Call Resolution (FCR), hold-time Violations, supervisor escalations, and dead air.

    Customer Experience (CX)

    See how customers feel about your brand and monitor for empathy statements, customer sentiment analysis, and CSAT.


    Protect customer data with redaction, and monitor for Mini Mirandas, compliance dialogues, and customer verification.

    Impact interactions to improve the customer experience

    Speech analysis dramatically improves your interaction results and operational efficiency.

    Improve quality assurance: Errors, missing information, frustration, or broken processes that lead to customer dissatisfaction or costly repeat interactions can be flagged for evaluation, helping to identify best and worst practices from the agents.

    Expand your supervisor knowledge: Alerts can be sent manually or automatically to the supervisor, which also allows you to create workflows to send emails with specific call cases.

    Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: Potential consumer protection breaches, non-compliance with internal standards, missing identification verification, and disclosure failures can be instantly isolated for appropriate action.

    Increase Agent Sales: Identify ideal up-sell or cross-sell opportunities hidden in information related to the current call, but important to the customer.

    Reduce churn: Quickly resolve complaints about pricing, technical difficulties, or mentions of competitors.

    Complement Post-Interaction Analysis:  Speech Analysis is the ideal tool to instantly react to problems and opportunities that cannot wait.